Well, exactly what a tale of two halves which was. After Florida’s atrocious showing within the 38-28 loss to Tennessee, I know the majority of you’re still playing all of the possible situations that could’ve altered the whole game using your heads much like me. Until the coming year appears, ideas of the game will most likely still race through my thoughts randomly occasions and take me to that very dark place.

If I’m being honest, I’m relaxing in a dark room at this time when i write this just taking in the discomfort of thinking to the sport. Spoiler Alert: There are plenty of deficits. For apparent reasons, I’ll be dividing the take-aways out of this game into halves.

Aside from the miscues by Antonio Callaway on special teams, the very first half was as near as you could aspire to being perfect. There is energy, the offense looked confident with Austin Appleby overtaking at quarterback, and also the defense was lights out.

The Florida Gators had seven explosive plays on offense within the first half. Appleby went far above that which was expected of him and Jordan Scarlett was plain dragging physiques with him each and every run. It had been awesome. Florida had 402 yards of offense hanging around, 300 of individuals yards arrived the very first half.

The defense were built with a couple of struggles within the first half, but emerged big at a negative balance zone if this really mattered. If you’re searching for each positive you’ll find to hold onto in the game, keep in mind Florida’s visit the aim line after Callaway’s muffed punt, or Quincy Wilson’s beautiful interception within the endzone (despite the fact that he’s apparently the only reason Florida lost the sport? Okay.). Josh Dobbs only agreed to be 7-for-21 passing and Florida held Tennessee to simply 162 yards of offense within the first half.

That’s about all I must say about this, there aren’t any true wins once the Gators lose to Tennessee.

Other Half (Deficits)

It is really an easy one. The 2nd 1 / 2 of the sport was a complete nightmare. It seems like the nightmare still hasn’t ended. It had been such as the team returned 2 yrs over time to some terribly foreseeable offense along with a defense which was too gassed to prevent the bleeding.

LOSS #1: Absolutely terrible play calling.

Shall we be completely sure Will Muschamp’s staff didn’t create a go back to call offensive plays and sabotage the sport? There wasn’t any reason disappear in the strategy in the first half. It had been working perfectly. There’s several single reason the sport was lost, but play calling may be the greatest. It’s easy to protect when every possession operates, run, short pass.

Appleby, as pointed out before, did exactly what could’ve possibly been requested of him within this game. He put one interception, which wasn’t pretty, but on top of that he handled the sport well. When the play calling finally altered to giving Appleby some freedom mid-way with the 4th quarter, it had been past too far. It had been understandable to visit a bit more conservative having a three score lead entering the 2nd half, but after several three-and-outs consecutively and Tennessee clearly locating a rhythm on offense, something must have been altered. Things weren’t just amazingly getting better after that. While play calling was terrible, I’m not sounding the deep finish and with coaches’ heads. It simply must be altered, and it must happen soon.

LOSS #2: Tennessee bullied the offensive line within the other half

The offensive line was pressed around within the other half. Using the Gators making conservative play calls, the offensive line needed to obtain a push to assist the run game work. Appleby had near to virtually no time around the couple of passes he did throw prior to the one decent drive within the other half, and that he was sacked two times.

Not just the offensive line, however the entire team announced no feeling of emergency within the other half. It had been like once they entered the locker room, they’d a group talk and stated “lets completely lose our fire and intensity whenever we return out there”. Obviously, that didn’t really happen, but that’s precisely how it felt. So far as the offensive line goes, these were relatively decent within the first half, but participate in the other half was unacceptable. Again, consistency is essential with they and them still haven’t thought it was after four games this year.

LOSS #3: Skipped takes up and blown coverages through the defense

The defense was forced to be the area most time within the other half, so there’s without doubt these were gassed. The defense is nice, but putting all the pressure to win the sport in it never was a great plan. Tennessee was the very best offense they’d seen all year long. It would be nearly impossible to ensure that they’re under control the whole game.

With this being stated, you may still find no excuses for all those skipped takes up and blown coverages within the secondary. Florida’s defense just doesn’t quit 38 unanswered points. I did not think it had been possible. The Gators battled with skipped takes up from the Vols this past year, so that were an enormous focus all week entering the sport. There’s this type of factor to be too aggressive on defense, and that’s precisely what happened. There needs to be controlled aggressiveness.

Duke Dawson, If only somebody could let me know what Duke Dawson was doing. He’s come up with an excellent season to date, but Saturday wasn’t certainly one of his finer moments. He was getting beat right and left and permitted several big plays to occur. The Jalen Tabor fall around the 67-yard touchdown pass to provide Tennessee charge perfectly portrayed Florida’s entire other half. It is sometimes inevitable to obtain tripped up, however that couldn’t have happened in a worse here we are at Tabor. Considering that the game had been performed, there wasn’t any recuperating from this.

LOSS #4: Special teams, penalties, and penalties on special teams

I split this up into halves, but special teams was the main one factor which was atrocious through the entire game. Antonio Callaway was the person on offense within the first half, but he looked lost on punt returns. It’s like nobody has ever told him to stay his heels around the 10-yard line and return no beyond that. After the very first time (which brought to some muffed punt) maybe it’s okay to simply possess a talk to him about this and obtain things straightened out out. After watching it happen for again, his day back there must have been done. One factor the Gators are proud of is winning the area position fight, plus they were Not even close to winning it against Tennessee. It’s very difficult to obtain a good drive began out of your own 1-yard line.

Penalties continue to be an issue haunting Florida each and every game. It’s been something listed like a loss each and every week this year, so that as I stated happens, Tennessee was the main one team the Gators have faced that may (and did) make use of the free yards these were given. Florida had nine penalties for 75 yards hanging around. Four of individuals penalties came on special teams. It had been just an exciting-around bad day for that special teams unit.

Searching ahead, the way the team responds within the coming days determines a great deal regarding their character and the quantity of success this team is capable of doing getting. The Tennessee game demonstrated there’s still a lot of try to be achieved.


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