The Morning

There’s nothing that can compare with getting out of bed on the Saturday whenever your team is playing an adversary. This Saturday, I automobile in a chilly accommodation with three of my buddies which attend the College of Florida. I was all very talkative for 8 o’clock each morning. Because the Tennessee sun made its way through our hotel window, all of us got our blue on (no orange permitted when Florida plays Tennessee) and headed towards the place where we’d make an effort to throw together an away game tailgate. If you are unfamiliar with the region, like i was not, can be difficult.

The Tailgate

Fortunately, we found a pleasant place to provide our camping tents and tables and begin the day’s festivities. The Tennessee fans around us were nice typically, don’t misunderstand me, we experienced some people which were not friendly, however the fans around us in the tailgate place were weirdly nice. It had been similar to the fans were trying to make use of reverse psychology upon us because they weren’t as friendly following the game, suppose! We was around and took in to music while drinking beer and chatting concerning the game. Many of us were nervous but there is an amount of confidence we transported around for whatever reason. Could it have been since the Florida Gators had appeared confident all week also it applied off upon us? Or could it have been because we hadn’t seen Florida lose to Tennessee because we were within the fourth grade. Little did we all know which was all going to change. The parable that Tennessee couldn’t beat the Gators was potential damaged and oh boy maybe it was within the worst fashion imaginable. The walk towards the stadium is a vital piece for this week’s story, because while I am inclined to stray from everything Tennessee, their pregame festivities are the best in the united states. And So I loved the lengthy walk in the tailgate site towards the game across the beautiful Tennessee River. Exactly what a sight! A lot of motorboats full of Vol’s fans partying before certainly one of their greatest games up to now a celebration that will enter in the night.

The Sport

Allow me to begin by saying farmville was unbelievably hot. I’ve been to numerous Florida games where I figured I had been hot, however this game appeared to become performed around the equator.

The sport began and my, my dear, it had been electric for the reason that stadium. That electricity rapidly switched into panic for that Volunteers because the Gators leaped out front rapidly 21-. I’d like to consider this time around to state that Austin Appleby exceeded my anticipations together with his play. He handled the sport well and didn’t make any bad choices. Yeah, I understand, he put an interception within the 3rd quarter, but let’s be truthful, we understood a minumum of one was coming, as well as for his participate in the first half, I’m almost prepared to overlook the interception. The ball he thrown to Callaway around the sideline for any huge grow in the very first quarter was the very best ball tossed with a Gator quarterback this year. Everything made an appearance to become all right within the first half. The Gator defense was living as much as anticipations and also the offensive strategy was effective. It appeared such as the twelfth win consecutively was surely in route, but did everyone know there are two halves inside a football game? Apparently the Gators didn’t remember about this little detail. I’m guilty too. I had been already planning my victory Tweets because yes I’m that guy, however i ate individuals tweets rapidly. I do not understand what became of the Gators. The offensive line was getting tossed around within the other half and also the defense performed laxidasical. A couple of things that can’t happen if you’re playing a group that absolutely needs to win, which was Tennessee. It advised me of after i play golf. I play a great game of golf around the front nine, obtain a little comfortable within my game, after which realize there are nine holes left. For anyone that do not have confidence in momentum, you’ve never been an opposing fan in an away game. My goodness, that momentum moved quicker than any that I’ve ever experienced. You can just feel it once the 4th quarter began. It had been Tennessee’s day. For me personally, the level was the very first sequence immediately after halftime. The Gators were up 21-3 and Tennessee was pressing trying anxiously not to drop another game for their arch rivals. Then Teez Tabor camped within shaky pass from Josh Dobbs to have an opening series interception. Rather than walking around the Vol’s throat, the Gators ran the ball three straight occasions and punted. This is when the momentum moved within the Vol’s favor and before you decide to understood it, Tennessee had in some way, a way, come completely back and brought charge. The streak was over also it didn’t feel real. It appeared just like a bad dream.

The Aftermath

I can’t lie, that one stung. I did not go ahead and take loss well. I lost sleep following the game and I am not sure when I’ll have this bad taste from my mouth. I recognize the season isn’t over, but it’s so difficult to deal with this loss. The Gators must try to recover in a few days against Vanderbilt. They have something to play for and I know that Jim McElwain and company can make that obvious when preparing for next week’s matchup. I’ve found myself constantly trembling my mind in disbelief. I still can’t accept is as true, y’all. The Gator Nation needs to shake them back and obtain through this together, it’s a lengthy season and there’s still a lot to experience for.


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