Andrew Spivey and Nick en Torre break lower exactly what the Gators options were so when the sport may be performed lower the stretch.

Andrew and Nick also predict a few of the key games round the country a few days ago, plus talk just a little playoff baseball.


Andrew:What’s up, Gator Country? Your guy, Andrew Spivey, here with Nicholas en Torre. Nicholas, it’s Friday. We’re not carrying out a conjecture podcast. Rather, we’re speaking in regards to a massive hurricane coming by doing this, along with a postponement inside a game. Similar to any Florida/LSU game, it’s storylines and lots of noise.

Nick:I believe there’s more trash being spoken at this time than there is, more trash being spoken concerning the game not performed than when the game may be performed.

Andrew:It wouldn’t be Florida/LSU whether it wasn’t some type of debate. Treon being suspended. Grier being suspended. This game being postponed. What goes on the coming year?

Nick:Stop it. Don’t do this in my experience. There’s no dull moment whenever you cover the Florida Gators.

Andrew:Especially this Florida/LSU game.

Nick:Maybe it’s a number of that voodoo. Exactly what do they are doing lower there?

Andrew:I do not know. It’s something crazy. Something crazy happening lower there. Let’s just dive directly on into farmville, because there’s lots of shit being spoken backward and forward schools. I suppose, both schools will have a disagreement of the. I do not know. We’ll just trash it. LSU had offered for Florida to visit take part in the game in Baton Rouge, obviously they did. It would be an additional home game on their behalf.

Nick:Listen, the main reason we’re not playing football a few days ago happens because Florida didn’t visit Baton Rouge. I can’t blame them for hesitant to do this, but that’s the main reason. We weren’t likely to play. The actual way it began to appear Wednesday, we weren’t likely to play football in Gainesville. It simply wasn’t going to take place.

Andrew:Based on you, Mr. Weather Man, you stated Florida was…

Nick:I’m a noted and celebrated amateur meteorologist.

Andrew:Then you definitely wrong, just like a regular meteorologist, since you known as me crazy after i said on Monday and Tuesday farmville wasn’t happening in Gainesville. You stated, “We’re prepared.” Well, you had been wrong.

Nick:It isn’t the very first time.

Andrew:Yeah. I am talking about, you’re right. Florida didn’t visit Baton Rouge. For this reason the game’s not performed. Now, I do not blame Florida because of not likely to Baton Rouge. They lose a house game, you play in LSU three straight years, you lose your greatest recruiting weekend. You lose the house game. You are taking your team there, you’re inside a no win for Florida. LSU, their fans say, “We were attempting to be nice.” Obviously you had been, you’re about to obtain a home game. Don’t forget behave like you had been going to provide your second born kid or perhaps your kidney to a person. You had been offering for hosting the sport, so you can get a house game in Baton Rouge.

Nick:Yeah. Exactly what does LSU are in position to lose through getting the sport in your own home?

Andrew:Exactly. Nothing. Here’s the factor. Now LSU may be the theif within the situation because the world turns, because now Florida has provided to cancel the Presbyterian game, allow LSU in the future in on November 19 and cancel their South Alabama game, which my Jags would most likely win, but anyway. They shouldn’t cancel the sport, simply because they would generate losses, and so they could be traveling three straight weekends inside a 12 day period. So they’re saying they’re not doing the work. They’re refusing to get it done. Therefore it type of appears like farmville won’t be performed. Now, To be sure with LSU hesitant to lose their house game, hesitant to go three straight weekends, but it’s the way in which things go.

Nick:From the Florida perspective, Jeremy Foley made sure to state, “Listen, this isn’t about money. It isn’t about having to pay schools to maneuver a game title around. This really is about Florida.” Florida’s getting hit very hard with this hurricane. Florida has 55 players from counties around the new england which are inside a hurricane warning. Jeremy Foley’s saying sturdy, even when we slowly move the game to Baton Rouge, we’ve players that will be worrying on Saturday, what went down to my mother back in your own home? What went down to my uncle, cousins, family back in your own home? If they’re out without electricity, now you’re trying to possess a team play a game title on the highway inside a tough atmosphere fretting about the safety and health of family back in your own home.

Andrew:That’s things i would say.

Nick:That’s being lost on everyone saying, this really is dumb you should be playing a game title. People will be with no house, do without electricity. God forbid. This can be a serious storm. Not everybody handles it too as florida does where my father known as today and stated he was pleased to have his hurricane shutters, that they bought ten years ago. Very first time he’s had the ability to rely on them.

Andrew:We’ll see. You do not understand how bad it’s likely to be. We’ll observe how bad that’s. It might move east, and when it will, then you definitely salute everybody to be safe and sound. It’s as if you say, there’s a lot of moving pieces, which is a place which i even considered after Foley stated this, but let’s just say, play devil’s advocate, Florida does get hit bad. Would Florida have the ability to travel back to Gainesville Sunday or Saturday night? You do not know.

Nick:LSU had been very amenable to getting the sport. They provided to pay, provided to send an airplane. We were speaking relating to this, I requested Jeremy Foley, “When would you’ve had to choose to?Inches While he stated when, once we stand here today on Thursday, we can’t move 100, 150 people, because it isn’t only the players. It’s players, coaches, trainers.

Andrew:Equipment trucks.

Nick:Equipment trucks. I’m failing to remember cheerleaders. Can’t forget cheerleaders.


Nick:This guitar rock band. You’re moving 100, 150 people, 175 people. When would you’ve had to choose to? I believe you’d have experienced to really make it Tuesday. On Tuesday it appeared as if the storm could be in the coast by Georgia, Sc by Saturday, and you’d be fine. Now it’s slowed lower, however, you might have needed to choose to Tuesday. You’d have experienced to make a decision Tuesday. Then when the storm track doesn’t change, now you’re getting a lot of pissed off people tweeting you images of 75 and sunny in Gainesville. Why the hell aren’t we playing here?

Andrew:You’re inside a no win situation. The factor about this it’s even though you did learn about it on Tuesday, don’t quit your house game. Don’t quit your house game. It’s what it’s. The SEC has went so far as doing the insurance coverage policies, that sort of stuff, to organize with this stuff. Essentially, the ball’s in LSU’s court.

Nick:Neither school is anxious about having to pay. LSU doesn’t pay $1.5 million.

Andrew:They’re not having to pay it.

Nick:Florida would need to pay $500,000, roughly. The SEC includes a blanket umbrella insurance plan that will cover that. Therefore the League is having to pay that. In my experience, exactly what the League isn’t having to pay for, and just what can’t consist, may be the economic impact that Baton Rouge has for any home game, with individuals arriving, hotels, food, liquor. It’s something Jeremy Foley discusses of why Florida wants seven home games.

Andrew:LSU wasn’t concerned about the economical impact that Florida would lose now when they had to visit Baton Rouge.

Nick:Because LSU’s not concerned about the economical impact of Gainesville. They’re concerned about the economical impact of Baton Rouge.

Andrew:That’s what I’m saying. That’s how you get a lot of angry fans who aren’t considering for anything. Then, you know what, Nick? Guess cure weighs into this case?

Nick:Not again.

Andrew:Our damn friend in Knoxville, Butch Johnson. That moron decides he really wants to weigh into farmville. Exactly what a titty baby. How much of an idiot. Butch Johnson is available in, weighs in, speaking about how exactly farmville has to be performed. Bro, increase there and win your personal game on Saturday. Take it easy relating to this game.

Nick:What have you call Butch?

Andrew:A titty baby.


Andrew:The guy’s a moron. What’s this person even concerned about?

Nick:Where were these comments, so people will go locate them?

Andrew:These were a remark on the radio show, 3HL1045 was tweeting about this. He stated, “They need to play that football game. I understand the SEC is going to do the best factor.” Butch, shut up. Just shut up, Butch. Get the nose using this.

Nick:I suppose then, here’s the issue. Florida runs the table, meaning they’d beat Arkansas, Missouri, Sc. Shall We Be Held failing to remember someone?

Andrew:I’m refusing to speak about this case.

Nick:I’m here. Therefore if Florida wins their remaining SEC games, Personally i think like I’m failing to remember someone. Shall We Be Held failing to remember a game title inside?

Andrew:Missouri, Sc, Georgia.

Nick:Georgia. That’s who I had been failing to remember. I had been failing to remember Georgia.

Andrew:The 4 games.

Nick:When they win individuals four games, go 6-1, and Tennessee loses, they’re likely to lose to Alabama, and when they lose yet another on the way, a 6-1 Florida team is the SEC East champion on the 6-2 Tennessee football team. That will get Florida to Atlanta.

Andrew:Maybe they ought to worry much more about either Hillary Clinton or Matthew giving back Josh Dobbs’ eyebrows.

Nick:Oh, no.

Andrew:Have you observe that sign? I sent you this, which means you did. A frat house at Texas A&M stated, “Hillary Clinton deleted Josh Dobbs’ eyebrows.” It had been just awesome in my experience. Which was just awesome in my experience. That’s so awesome in my experience.

Nick:This poor guy. He’s got alopecia.

Andrew:He’s got something in addition to that.

Nick:He’s got alopecia.

Andrew:He’s from another planet. I’ve already cautioned my good buddies in Aggie land that the takes space shuttle is going to be landing Saturday. They are fully aware. It’s coming.

Nick:What might have been done differently?

Andrew:Have no idea there’s much that you can do differently. I am talking about, regrettably you cannot predict this storm. Whenever you checked out it on Monday or Tuesday, it had been the attention was said to be 150 miles from the coast. You’re thinking the coast is simply getting free airline side from the storm. They’re not getting much damage from it. You’re going so that you can play a game title. You might not have as numerous seaside fans cover over, simply because they would get some rain which type of stuff, however, you just couldn’t predict it. Now, only factor I’ll have to say is this. I believe everyone on the planet understood. Jeremy Foley stated he deliberation over Wednesday night game would be performed. I do not understand what he was watching, but on Wednesday night I possibly could have told him farmville wasn’t likely to be performed.


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